Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Leawood Stage Company.

Here are a few things you will need to know.

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The creative teams that will be at the auditions:

Director: Dr. Chris McCoy
Music Director: Brant Challacombe


An Enchanted Evening: A Musical Retrospective: This original musical revue compiles our favorite songs from the shows presented over our 20 seasons of Broadway musicals sung by the outstanding vocalists from the past productions. 



Tentative Rehearsal Schedule

Director: Eric Van Horn
Music Director: Tim Braselton
Choreographer: Kristin Seefeldt
Stage Manager: Katie Blinn


West Side Story: Set in 1957 New York City, West Side Story is a musical retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Young lovers are trapped between prejudice and warring street gangs in the book by Arthur Laurents.  Leonard Bernstein’s music and Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics created one of the most memorable pieces of theater in the history of Broadway.

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Character Breakdown



Bernardo Male Baritone - Leader of the Sharks, brother of Maria
Anita Female Mezzo-Soprano – Bernardo’s girlfriend, Maria’s friend and confidant
Tony Male Tenor – Former Leader of the Jets
Maria Female Soprano - Newly arrived from Puerto Rico
Riff Male Tenor – Leader of the Jets



Chino Male Spoken – Bernardo’s friend
Action Male Baritone - Jet


Featured Adults

Detective Schrank Adult Male Spoken – Sympathetic to the Jets
Doc Adult Male Spoken – Confidant to Tony
Officer Krupke Adult Male Spoken
Glad Hand Adult Male Spoken


Featured Jets Males

Baby John
Big Deal


Featured Jets Girls



Featured Shark Males



Featured Shark Girls




Creative Team

Director: Annette Cook
Music Director: Leayn Losh
Choreographer: Rachel Reese


Bark! The Musical follows six canine characters for a day at Doggie Daycare. From the little puppy who yearns to bark like a real dog,to the opera singing poodle and the street mutt who raps - this musical has huge heart. Presented from a dog’s point of view, the musical depicts the joy in man’s best friend. 

Leawood Stage Company is proud to present the Kansas City premiere of this musical.  The three performances and the companion Bark in the Park event will benefit Leawoof Dog Park and other local not-for-profit pet agencies. 

Men, women and children of all ages will find an emotional connection with BARK! Howlingly funny and sometimes poignant, BARK! is the new must see American musical.

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Character Breakdown


KING - Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Older, wiser, been around, seen-it-all but still full of life; a leader, a calming source; James Earl Jones.

CHANEL - Apricot-colored French poodle , Bison Frise or Afghan Hound; Diva, a former show dog with an attitude; beautiful, refined, elegant, graceful, high maintenance. She is Grace Kelly, Paris Hilton and Cher combined.

SAM - He is a grey pit bull mutt mulatto. Hot, sexy, handsome, street tough and macho to hide his insecurities. He is John Stamos and Ricky Martin combined.

GOLDE - Black and Brown Bull Dog or Pug. Tough, rugged, sarcastic, take-no-guff, tell-it-like-it-is. Walks with a limp; she is Nell Carter, Bette Midler and Harvey Fierstein combined with the accent and attitude of her Jewish owners.

BOO - A reddish-colored Cocker Spaniel. A sock-a-holic, a bit frantic, protective, caring, warm. A chronic “mom;” she’s always taking care of everyone.

ROCKS - A Jack Russell pup, energetic, eager, yet huggable and loveable. He is a male Shirley Temple on puppy uppers.



Tentative Rehearsal Schedule

Directors: Seth McClintock & David Shook
Music Director: Rachel Chase
Choreographer: Mindy Moritz
Stage Manager: Nehemiah Campbell


Mame is a wildly optimistic ode to a colorful, unconventional, well-lived life.  The season will conclude in the fall with the classic Broadway musical Mame, featuring one of the most dynamic and lovable heroines of the Broadway stage.  Newly orphaned Patrick comes to New York City to live with his well-to-do, flamboyant, eccentric, charismatic Auntie Mame. Following the stock market crash, fearless Mame tries to keep care of her nephew as she reinvents herself from party girl to working girl, Southern belle, world traveler, wealthy widow, and literary autobiographer.

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Character Breakdown



Patrick Dennis, age 8-10 Male Lead Treble/Boy Soprano

Patrick Dennis, age 19-29 Male Lead Tenor

Mame Dennis Female Lead Mezzo-Soprano

Agnes Gooch Female Supporting Soprano

Vera Charles Female Supporting Alto



M. Lindsay Woolsey Male Supporting Spoken

Ito Male Supporting Baritone

Dwight Babcock Male Supporting Tenor

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside Male Supporting Baritone

Mother Burnside Female Supporting Soprano

Mrs. Upson Female Supporting Soprano

Mr. Upson Male Supporting Baritone

Gloria Upson Female Supporting Alto

Ralph Devine Male Featured Tenor



Uncle Jeff Male Featured Bass

Madame Branislowski Female Featured Alto

Cousin Fan Female Featured Soprano

Sally Cato Female Featured Mezzo-Soprano

Junior Babcock Male Featured Baritone

Pegeen Ryan Female Featured Alto

Peter Dennis Male Featured Spoken

Dance Couple Male Featured Singer/Dancer

Dance Couple Female Featured Singer/Dancer

Male Ensemble Singer/Dancer/Bass

Male Ensemble Singer/Dancer/Tenor

Female Ensemble Singer/Dancer/Alto





1. Be prepared to sing at your audition. Please bring your sheet music with you in the proper key, an accompanist will be provided. No acapella auditions will be accepted. We recommend you have (2) selections prepared - 16 bars each - different tempos and styles should the directors wish to hear an alternate selection.



2. Prepare to learn a brief dance sequence with the choreographer. Once learned, you will perform it for the Directors.



3. As we are auditioning for (4) shows, the Directors and their teams will all be present throughout the audition process.



4. You must fill out one of our Audition Forms (click the HERE button below to access one of the forms). We request that you also provide a headshot along with your Audition Form. If you do not have a headshot, our team will take your picture upon arrival.



5. Auditions are held on a first come basis. Be prepared to wait. 



6. Your parents or friends are not allowed in the Audition or Dance rooms, they are welcome to wait in the lobby until your audition is complete.


Casting Information


Callbacks are held by appointment only. 

  • If you are considered for a principal or featured part in one of the shows, you will receive an invitation to the callbacks. You may also receive a copy of a song and/or reading script from the show to prepare prior to the callback.

  • If you do not receive a call back it does NOT mean that you are not being considered as a cast member.


Casting decisions will begin to be made as soon as possible.

  • You will be contacted by email regardless of the outcome.
  • We will make every effort to have a final cast list as soon as possible.
  • You might not be contacted for several weeks.


You can help us make this process as efficient as possible by:

  • Being honest on your audition form regarding your interest in other shows.
  • Being honest if you will accept an ensemble part.
  • Being honest about your foreseen conflicts.


Leawood Stage Company is a team that works and plays together throughout a production. All cast members are required to help with strike and encouraged to help with set building, painting or with costumes.  All cast members should provide his or her own shoes. 


Thank you for auditioning with the Leawood Stage Company!




You may download your Audition form HERE



Thank you again for participating in our Audition process. If you have any questions, you may direct them to the following email address: AUDITIONS